we are: -> African LifeStyles Inc.
&'afryk' one of our main goals is to gather a tribe ();
of devoted ('evangelists')ready to build an online village();
where our kids can grow in the midst of African Cultures and Values(.); 
$value = {co}create_alternatives ();
WHAT are {real} 'Artists' ( ? );
-> they believe this_world should be {radically} 'different' ();
-> they love to 'collaborate' and 'share' their {creative} talents with each_other ();
-> they create for the {} benefit of everyone ();
-> they {fearlessly} 'face' the challenges of their times ();
-> they 'are not' afraid of risks, or trying out {new} things
so: -> {with} a shared sense of {african} pride ();
if: -> this 'resonates' with you,
join our cause ( ! );